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Vicki Loiseau

Pine needle basketry has Vicki Loiseau's full attention and passion these days. The first pine needle basket she saw and fell in love with was at the Kittitas County Fair. Vicki joined a local pine needle basket group in 2009 and learned basket making skills from some of the great ladies that have been making baskets for years. Many of her baskets are made with local Ellensburg Pine needles. Gathering pine needles and embellishments such as local black walnut slices, beads, and threads make the process a fun adventure with a lot of work mixed in. Sweetgrass used in Vicki's baskets is organically grown in her Ellensburg garden.  Finally, there is the skill, patience, and plenty of hours spent actually coiling each basket that produces a unique handmade product and a labor of love.
The old world charm of each basket makes each one a treasure that will be enjoyed for many years. Every basket has its own distinctive, handcrafted style.

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