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Denny Driver



Denny Driver was a reluctant artist, but deep down, he knew he was meant to create. He had beendrawing and painting for as long as he could remember, and even though his father didn't believe hecould make a living as an artist, his mother always saw something special in him.

Growing up in Wenatchee, WA, Denny found solace and inspiration in his small bedroom, which heshared with his brother. It was a safe space to retreat and create, but as soon as summer rolled around,he would take his supplies out into the shade of the yard and let his creativity flow. His mother alwaysmade sure he had art supplies for Christmas and his birthday, and Denny's passion for art only grewstronger as he got older.

After graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle, Denny found himself in various jobs in the commercialart field, but his true love was painting. He was influenced by a wide range of artists and movements,from Vincent van Gogh to Jackson Pollock, and each one added to his artistic journey.

Denny's big break came when his first wife secretly took one of his paintings to a local gallery and gothim a show. Reluctant at first, Denny had never shown in a gallery before or even sold his work, soonfound that his art had the power to move people. As time passed, his work gained recognition, and hefound success beyond his wildest dreams.

Throughout his career, Denny received numerous awards and honors, but the one that stood out themost was the recognition he received from instrumental rock guitarist, Joe Satriani. Denny's playful yetserious juxtaposition of elements and subject matter in his artwork caught Satriani's eye, and heawarded Denny the first-place ribbon in a group exhibition in Sacramento.

Now, Denny lives with his wife and son in Ahtanum, WA, where he creates and paints in his homestudio. No longer a reluctant artist, Denny shares his art with the world with passion and precision.

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