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John Barany

He wakes up, washes up, eats, goes out the kitchen door, reaches for the key in the gutter, unlocks the studio, turns on the lights and the music, switches on the lathe, makes chips fly for an hour or 2 and roughs out a box, a vase, a platter, a lid, a something. He goes upstairs to do a little carving, transfers to the paint department and sprays a little urethane, walks over to the photo corner and take a final pic, uploads to the PC and Photoshop and emails them to Larson Gallery, meets with Pat to center the drive shaft on the broken-arm lathe, calls Sandy to get details for the Black Madonna platform, finishes drilling the holes for the bees on the beehive vases for the Master Gardeners Plant and Art Sale, lines up Eric and Graeme to speak at Mid Columbia Woodturners' Saturday meeting, sweeps the gallery and starts a little fire, eats dinner in the easy chair by the woodstove, checks messages, emails, Facebook, Instagram. Then it's back to the studio upstairs for a think and draw session for the new salmon-fighting-their-way-upstream project.  Last but not least, review the new Pinterest finds for the day and make a tentative work plan for tomorrow. And then it’s lights out till  7AM.

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