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Susan Bickley

Susan just might be the next Grandma Moses even though she does not paint in the same style. She enjoyed art in grade school, but steered clear of art classes thereafter, believing herself unable to “do” art. Then one day at the ripe old age of seventy-two (just a few years ago), she experimented with watercolor and produced a cute little painting of a dog. (Grandma Moses was seventy-eight when she took up painting.)

Susan was delighted with her attempt, and became eager to learn. She enrolled in “YouTube University” where she found numerous tutors and spent many hours on many days trying to improve. She primarily learned from Karen Rice (of England) and enrolled in Karen’s week-long Watercolor Retreat in France in September, 2023, where she gained confidence and additional watercolor techniques.

You will see a variety of landscapes and florals. Susan grew up in Bellingham, WA, has lived in the Yakima area for the last fifty years, and for the past several years has spent the winter months in Palm Desert, California. .She is inspired by her surroundings, memories, and on-line tutorials and (royalty free) reference photos.. She continues to grow and experiment, hoping she can continue painting until she’s at least ninety-one like Grandma Moses did

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