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Aislinn Hematyar Kalstad 

Born on the coast of Oregon and raised in Eugene, the gorgeousness of the Pacific Northwest has never escaped me. 

Though, I've grown a stronger love and appreciation for nature since first painting it in late 2017 after moving to the drier, less forested Yakima, Wa. It's become my constant inspiration for my artwork.​

In April of 2019, I began offering beginner Watercolor workshops at the local Yakima Maker Space and instantly became hooked on sharing this passion with others!

Custom wedding, home and garden art are what have been keeping me busy these days (thank you!!) but creating abstract watercolor florals on textured surfaces is my personal form of therapy.


When I'm not painting away in my glowing pink studio, I'm usually enjoying a lovely oatmilk latte at Collaboration Coffee or off teaching a workshop somewhere.

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