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Susan Harris

Susan has made art for as far back as she can remember: finger-painting, drawing, high school posters, oil and watercolor painting. She majored in art in college, exploring the field from graphic design to scenery painting. For some years, Susan did interior murals and other decorative painting. 


Susan and her husband, Tom (also an artist), moved from Seattle to Yakima to find some sun and to explore the art community. They both work out of their home studio in Yakima. Recently Susan has taken a more serious approach to painting. Her current work is reflective and has a sharpened focus. She works with acrylic, collage, oil, and pencils, among other mediums.

Originally from Berkeley, California, Susan has lived a rather nomadic life. She has lived in Montana, Delaware, Las Vegas,  NV., Central America and Seattle, Washington with various and assorted places in between. These “cross-cultural” experiences have given her a world view not only of those things that make us different and unique but also those elements of everyday life that we universally share.

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