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Randal Leek

Randal Leek is a third generation Northwest resident of the Puget Sound region and central Washington, born in Tacoma, an engineer by profession and currently retired in Yakima. For the last 25 years of his career he worked in international humanitarian assistance with refugees and displaced populations following catastrophic events such as civil wars and natural disasters.

While working in Sudan, Pakistan and Afghanistan, he began experimenting with wood carvings, shaping and polishing local hardwoods found in their markets as firewood. Without formal fine arts training, he gravitated towards more organic abstract figures, using the unique properties of each individual piece of wood as the focus of the new form, to enhance a sense of beauty in natural material. Randal has had one-man exhibitions in the Kabul Embassy and has shown his sculptures locally in Yakima. Each piece is an experiment and a discovery of shape and natural beauty, intended to excite the imagination as well as to appreciate the graceful simplicity of forms in nature.

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