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Elizabeth Fletcher

Elizabeth Fletcher, a member of the Yakima Valley Artist’s Association, admits to being addicted to photographing sunsets and the occasional sunrise (should she happen to be awake that early), from her home in Selah, Washington. With a photo library of 1500 sunsets from which to draw a creative spark and three years of brainstorming, a viable idea finally presented itself! Her childhood home had had several framed silhouettes, the cut out kind, which intrigued her greatly at the time and never quite left the bottom of her mind’s junk-pile-of-possibilities. She decided to blend the two subjects – have the photos printed commercially on canvas, upon which she would (and did) ink silhouettes. She loves horses and started there, but is currently trying (and mostly failing) to branch out. Once the project “Silhouettes” is complete, she plans to get the acrylics out of retirement and try a few paintings.

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