Barb Thrall

Barb started taking photos back when taking lots of photos was costly to develop but she couldn’t help herself. Always wanting to catch the amazing glimpse of light or thing that was happening that would never happen again. Now she can shoot digital and not be concerned about the cost of developing, just the cost of storing all those photos.


Photography is Barb's hobby and her sanctuary—a thing that is so far removed from her day job. She is not that” up-before-dawn, hike 20 miles, gotta-get-the-sunrise” sort of landscape photographer, she does shoot landscapes. Barb is intrigued by how a landscape can look very painterly and so she emphasizes that in post-processing. There’s so much romance in the play of light and shadow that it feels like brushstrokes to her. Barb wants to capture that feeling in her art. Her photography is also a bit of Still Life. It's that take a deep breath, sit down and enjoy a moment sort of photography.


A native We(s)tsider of Washington State, Barb lives in Richland with my husband and their two cats. Perhaps three cats.

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