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Maja Shaw

Maja Shaw received a BFA from the University of Washington. Her background in graphic design is reflected in her organizational style, while the spontaneity of watercolor mixes it up. Since concentrating on watercolor for the last 10 years, Maja’s work has regularly been in juried shows throughout the Pacific Northwest and nationally. In addition to winning several awards, she has had featured artist/solo shows in Oregon, Washington, and North Carolina. Maja is active in Cyber Art 509, an artist cooperative, and the Mid-Columbia Watercolor Society, of which she is a founding member.

Color and shape are important elements in Maja’s paintings. She looks for interesting perspectives of a subject and often uses intense colors and masking to define shapes. When she has a painting she is not satisfied with, Maja“repurposes” it by making cut paper collages in a style similar to her other work.

Balsam Flowers 1.jpg
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