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Duane Reed

Duane was born in the Yakima Valley. Some of his earliest memories of being artistically aware his my environment were on trips across eastern Washington through the rolling hills of the Palouse country; wheat land with amazing patterns of cultivation, ripening wheat, harvested and  fallow fields. He became fascinated by the texture and impact of the land.


Duane became a professional photographer, and spent many years doing weddings, portrait, and commercial work, while in his second life as a college English instructor. He returned to fine art photography as an expression of his fascination with the basic elements of the craft: form, shadow, light, and texture. No longer a "working" photographer, Duane revels in his rediscovered artistic freedom. He creates photographs of places, people, and things that satisfies his desire for a personal response. The image must "do" something for Duane, and hopefully to others that view his photographs.


Duane's interest in form and light has led him to explore the abstract image and that has become his focus for the past ten years. He has recently embraced digital and color photography.

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